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Beware of Imitations: Why You Should Be Using Genuine Dometic Replacement Parts

Beware of Imitations: Why You Should Be Using Genuine Dometic Replacement Parts

2nd Feb 2023

There’s an old saying that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but when it comes to replacement parts for your Dometic products, imitation is nothing but trouble. Genuine Dometic parts are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and precision. Even the smallest imperfections or misalignments can create problems for your marine toilet. Generic and imitation parts are usually not made of the same high-quality materials, so they may not fit properly or perform well enough to create the necessary seal to maintain vacuum within the sanitation system.

Don’t Play the Imitation Game

Purchasing off-brand replacement parts for a Dometic system is not a good idea. Unfortunately, many imitation manufacturers engage in deceptive practices by not identifying their parts as low-quality copies. They advertise parts at “incredible” prices on Amazon and other online marketplaces using the same keywords and terminology consumers would expect to see when purchasing genuine replacement parts.

In many cases, people happen upon these parts after a quick Google search, see that it claims to fit their Dometic toilet model, and click to purchase without realizing that they’re buying a cheap, low-quality knock off. It’s a completely understandable decision, especially since imitation manufacturers go to great lengths to create confusing product descriptions that give the impression of being official, authorized parts without actually making any explicitly false claims that could get them into legal difficulties.

Common Problems with Imitation Dometic Parts

So how big of a problem could it be to use imitation Dometic parts, anyway? After all, if you’re the sort of person who’s going to replace failed components on your Dometic marine toilet, you’ve probably replaced parts in your home toilet and other appliances with generic parts several times and never encountered any problems.

Unfortunately, marine sanitation systems are not as standardized as the ones found in the average home. Each manufacturer features unique designs and specialized components that are not interchangeable. If your bathroom toilet keeps running, you can easily replace the tank’s flush valve with any number of generic replacements that will work in most residential toilets. In a marine toilet, however, imitation parts will often not fit properly, wear out quickly, or even cause damage to other components.

At Environmental Marine, we’ve fielded quite a few calls from customers about their Dometic systems not working properly. After discussing the problem and examining photos they’ve shared with us, it often becomes clear that the problem is related to imitation replacement parts.

Here are a few of the most common issues we’ve encountered:

Imitation Bellows and O-Ring Kits for VacuFlush Pumps

The pumps for DometicVacuum Generators incorporate a bellows that creates vacuum. The vacuum created is critical for the sanitation system to work. Imitation bellows are made from a harder, inferior plastic that is more likely to crack during standard operation (or even during installation). O-rings also don’t always fit properly into the poorly manufactured units, which prevents the bellows from holding a seal and makes it impossible to form the necessary vacuum pressure for flushing the toilet.

Installing genuine Dometic bellows kits will ensure smooth operation for your VacuFlush toilet.

Imitation Duckbill Valves

A duckbill valve is a type of check valve that allows fluid to flow in only one direction. They are used in Dometic marine sanitation systems to prevent wastewater from flowing back through the system after it’s been flushed. When the toilet is flushed, water is forced through the valve, causing it to open and allow waste to pass through. Imitation duckbills often don’t fit properly, and even when they do, they’re made from a cheaper, less pliable rubber that prevents them from opening and closing properly. This results in backflowing waste and compromised vacuum in DometicVacuFlush systems.

Using genuine Dometic duckbills will keep water flowing through your sanitation system without causing backflow or preventing vacuum formation.

Imitation Bowl Seals

Bowl seals may seem like a rather simple item to replace, but material quality can make a huge difference in performance. Genuine Dometic bowl seals come in a package of two, with one seal made of rubber and the other coated with Teflon. This ensures a watertight fit to prevent any leakage. Imitation seals come in a pack of two, but both seals are made out of the same rubber material, which causes them to not fit properly and leak over time. We’ve spoken with many customers who say the imitation parts work for a short period (usually about a month), but quickly begin leaking after a few flushes.

Replacing bowl seals with authentic Dometic replacement seals will keep your bowl from leaking while you’re at sea.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run with Genuine Dometic Replacement Parts

By choosing genuine Dometic replacement parts for your marine sanitation system, you’ll save time and money over the life of your Dometic products. That’s because fixing issues the right way with the right parts will prevent additional problems down the road. Using ill-fitting, poorly manufactured imitations can cause damage to other components of your marine sanitation system and result in leaks at the worst possible time.

As an authorized Dometic Master Sanitation Distributor, Environmental Marine stocks a full line of replacement parts for all Dometic marine sanitation products. If you need to replace duckbill valves, bellows, or bowl seals for your VacuFlush toilet system, we have the authentic Dometic replacement parts you need to do the job right the first time to ensure that your product operates smoothly for years to come.

If you need assistance finding the right part for your Dometic marine toilet system, don’t hesitate to email or call us (800-522-2656) to speak with one of our experienced marine sanitation technicians!