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What is a Dometic Sanitation Supertech Authorized Dealer?

What is a Dometic Sanitation Supertech Authorized Dealer?

22nd Feb 2022

Whether you’re leaving shore for a day trip or a multi-day journey at sea, a high-quality sanitation system is essential for making the voyage comfortable and hygienic. There are few things worse than being 30 minutes away from land when a bathroom emergency arises! Comfort is hardly the only consideration, however. Federal law prohibits the discharge of untreated sewage within three miles of shore, and not at all for inland waters. A marine toilet can easily solve these problems to ensure that your time at sea will be carefree and comfortable.

Why Boat Owners Trust Dometic

Marine toilets and sanitation systems by Dometic have long been a trusted industry standard for individual boat owners and manufacturers. Dometic offers a variety of marine sanitation solutions for every use case and budget, all of which provide superior quality in terms of components and manufacturing.

  1. VacuFlush Toilets: Available in pedal operated or electronic versions, Dometic VacuFlush marine toilets use stored vacuum generated by a specialized pump to pull effluent from the bowl and into a holding tank. They use very little water or electricity, and the power of the vacuum flush system allows the toilet to be located farther away from the holding tank.
  1. MasterFlush Toilets: A powerful line of macerator toilets, Dometic MasterFlush toilets feature high-torque motors that use up to 18 stainless steel blades to break up waste and pump it into a holding tank up to 30 meters away, all while using far less water and electricity per flush than competing toilets.
  1. Gravity Toilets: Typically installed as part of a larger marine sanitation system, Dometic’s gravity toilets evacuate waste into a holding tank using fresh water and a foot-operated pedal.

Dometic’s diverse marine sanitation offerings and decades of experience have kept it at the forefront of the industry. For boat owners looking to install a marine toilet aboard their vessel, the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes it an attractive option.

Buying and Servicing a Dometic Marine Toilet

Inorder to maintain the company’s high quality control standards, Dometic marine toilets are only available through authorized dealers. As the Dometic Master Sanitation Distributor for the Southeastern United States, Environmental Marine carries a huge selection of Dometic products and parts at affordable prices.

Of course, many boat owners want to purchase their marine toilet from a local dealer who will be performing the installation. Not only do they want to know that their dealer is able to order Dometic products, but they also want to be sure that they’re authorized to perform work on them without invalidating any warranties. Given the complexity of most Dometic marine sanitation systems, the manufacturer wants to make sure that only skilled and experienced technicians are working on them.

Dometic Sanitation Supertech Authorized Dealers

As a Master Distributor for Dometic, Environmental Marine is responsible for training and certifying select dealers we work with to perform authorized services on Dometic sanitation products. We are very selective when it comes to evaluating a dealer and approaching them to become one of our Supertech Authorized partners.

Once a dealer has been selected, they attend training classes that give them the opportunity to engage in hands-on training in the proper maintenance and repair of Dometic products. Every participant must pass a test after the training concludes to earn their Supertech Authorized Dealer status. They must also undergo periodic retraining to stay up-to-date on the latest products.

If you’re looking for a Supertech Authorized Dealer to install a Dometic sanitation product on your vessel or perform repairs on an existing system, take a look at a list of full-service dealers trained and certified by the experts at Environmental Marine.

The team at Environmental Marine is experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of marine plumbing. We also provide a parts inventory that’s second to none so you can get the replacement parts you need to get back on the water as quickly as possible. If you have questions about your marine sanitation system or need advice on products or repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and resourceful staff