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Troubleshooting Dometic Vacflush/Gravity Toilet Bowl Seals

Troubleshooting Dometic Vacflush/Gravity Toilet Bowl Seals

20th Aug 2021

Dometic VacuFlush toilets provide recreational enthusiasts with outstanding comfort and low-flush efficiency. These sanitation solutions help keep your boat or RV clean and tidy with their small footprint and compact components. Keep your VacuFlush or gravity toilet working for years to come with routine maintenance. 

If your VacuFlush or gravity toilet is leaking out from the bottom of the bowl, your bowl seals will need to be changed. You can purchase a Dometic bowl seal kit and replace them yourself. Every kit comes with two seals; one is Teflon coated and the other rubber. The Teflon seal is used for the ball, while the rubber seals the bowl.

Beware of purchasing generic or off-brand seals, as they do not have the Teflon coated seal. Dometic bowl seals are patented, which prevents them from being replicated by other manufacturers. The result is an inferior product that leaks. Choose Dometic products for superior quality. Genuine Dometic parts kits come with detailed instructions.

Environmental Marine offers two different bowl seal styles:

  • 385311462: Comes without drain holes, used for toilets manufactured after 2000. 
  • 385316140: Comes with drain holes. Compatible with toilet models: 510, 511, 910, 911, 2010 and 2011, and gravity-flush toilets manufactured in or before 2000.  

If you accidentally purchased a Dometic bowl seal with drain holes and need the model without drain holes you do not need to request an exchange. Here is how to install to prevent leaks: 

  • Turn the rubber seal with the drain hole upside down.
  • Line the rubber seal notch with the Teflon-coated seal notch.
  • This configuration will prevent the drain holes from lining up, sealing your Dometic bowl.

We have been working with Dometic VacuFlush and gravity toilet users since 1994 and are experts in Dometic sanitation solutions. If you have questions on Dometic toilet bowl seals for VacuFlush toilet troubleshooting, contact us at 800-522-2656 for assistance.