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What Sets Dometic MasterFlush Toilets Apart?

What Sets Dometic MasterFlush Toilets Apart?

26th Apr 2022

Boatbuilders and yacht owners have long turned to Dometic when it comes to sanitation systems that offer a unique blend of performance, efficiency, and reliability. The innovative line of MasterFlush toilets continues Dometic’s tradition of delivering products that combine proven practicality with comfort and luxury.

What Is a Macerator Toilet?

Macerator toilets are a popular solution for marine sanitation because they don’t rely on gravity or complex vacuum systems to evacuate waste from the bowl. When waste is flushed, it flows into a macerating pump equipped with blades that grind it into a slurry that can be easily pumped away.

Since the pump can carry water over long distances and allows the toilet to be installed below the drain line, macerator toilets are ideal for many applications. They can be installed in more locations than many marine toilets and don’t require complex modifications. This makes them a simple and effective choice for many boats with fresh water and power to spare for their operation.

The Dometic MasterFlush vs Competing Macerator Toilets

The Dometic MasterFlush macerator impeller has 18 stainless steel blades that chop up flushed waste and toilet paper. Competing macerator toilets occasionally get plugged up with too much toilet paper because they use 4 stationary cutting blades at the inlet combined with a 4 blade plastic impeller to macerate incoming waste. Since the cutting blades are stationary, no further maceration occurs once the waste passed the inlet. Even the turbulence inside the pump does not ensure the waste is minimized and often a clump of toilet paper or other matter will jam between the impeller and a stationary divider inside the pump body. The macerating pump in a Dometic MasterFlush, by contrast, continues to grind until all flushed contents pass out of the pump, making it more efficient than others.

Despite its power, the Dometic MasterFlush macerator makes surprisingly little noise. In a lab test comparison, it proved quieter than all but one of its competitors. Even in that case, the difference in volume was a scarcely perceptible 1 db.

In addition to being powerful and quiet, the Dometic MasterFlush toilet is also tremendously energy efficient. Whereas competing electric macerator toilets use anywhere between 30 to 40 amps per flush in a 12v system, Dometic macerators use only 20 amps. That efficiency doesn’t impact performance, however. After maceration is complete, the pump can propel effluent to a holding tank or discharge destination up to 100 feet (30 meters) away and 10 feet (3 meters) above the toilet discharge.

MasterFlush toilets use a duckbill valve to prevent reverse flow into the toilet after flushing. Some competitors use a flap valve, which often gets hung open or torn away. This not only allows unpleasant (and foul smelling) backflow, but can cause severe damage to the entire marine sanitation system when the torn flap valve ends up in the holding tank and is then drawn into a discharge pump or lodges in a pipe.

Dometic MasterFlush toilets feature two water level settings. The “Normal” flush setting consumes a maximum of .85 gallons (3.2 liters) per flush depending on the model and adds water to the bowl after every flush. They can also perform a “Dry Bowl Flush,” which uses a maximum of .45 gallons (1.75 liters), depending on the model, and leaves very little water in the bowl after use. This feature is useful to prevent water from splashing out of the bowl in rough conditions. Since they use less water than competing macerator models, Dometic MasterFlush toilets maximize holding tank efficiency by requiring fewer pump outs over time.

When set to “Normal” flush mode, the Dometic toilet holds water in the bowl after the flush, giving a household toilet impression to the user and providing further protection against odors. Most competing toilets empty the bowl after every flush, and it stays empty unless someone refills it after the flush including waiting 20 seconds for the mini follow-up flush that is common with some brands. Some competitors have the option to refill the bowl, but then there is no option to switch to a lower water level without requiring access to the control box. MasterFlush toilets provide access to both flush options directly from the flush control. The water valve is also located directly under the toilet, eliminating long hose runs that can be the source of unpleasant odors.

Get Your Dometic MasterFlush from Environmental Marine

With multiple styles of macerator toilets to choose from based on space and styling, it’s no surprise that Dometic MasterFlush toilets are the best choice for many vessels. Dometic is the only marine toilet manufacturer that covers parts and labor for warranty claims. In most cases, however, MasterFlush marine toilets are extremely reliable and resilient, with very few warranty issues. Dometic products also comply with all international clean water standards, making them a responsible choice for the environment.

As the Dometic Master Sanitation Distributor for the Southeastern United States, Environmental Marine is the region’s top source for Dometic MasterFlush toilets and other Dometic sanitation products. We offer a complete line of Dometic marine toilets and parts at affordable prices. As a Dometic Master Distributor, we also train and certify select dealers to perform authorized services on Dometic products like MasterFlush toilets.

To learn more about Dometic products and parts or to find a dealer near you, talk to one of our marine sanitation experts today for advice and support.