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Get the Best Customer Service Experience with Environmental Marine

Get the Best Customer Service Experience with Environmental Marine

18th Jul 2022

At Environmental Marine, we have the commitment (and the knack) for excellent customer service. Our team of professionals demonstrate expertise in our products and a positive attitude, all of which adds value to each and every customer interaction.

Our Master Distributor Difference

When you’re searching for new parts or sanitation solutions, it may be tricky to know exactly what you’re looking for! If you’re using other distributors, there’s a chance you could be left in the dark. This can create confusion and lost time if you aren’t sure what you need right off the bat. Without a knowledgeable team of customer service representatives, it’s likely you’ll be left to your own devices with endless research and buying many different parts before finding the right fit for you.

At Environmental Marine, this is where our customer service team steps in to help! Whether you’re shopping online or in our showroom, our team is always there to answer any questions you may have and recommend the best equipment for every possible scenario.

Some recent Google reviews left by our customers showcase the difference it makes to speak to real people, in real time. One post says: “I called for help and the call was answered by a real person. I got the advice and the technical support I needed and received the parts the next day. Wow!”

Another review comes from a loyal customer of several years: “I have been ordering parts from these guys for a few years now. They have everything in stock and get it to me quickly for a great price. I recently had a problem with a part I ordered and Fernando swapped it out for me on the spot. I recommend these guys to anyone.”

Every Voice Matters

Along with helping customers find what they need, our team also believes in putting in the work to build strong relationships. Environmental Marine strives to keep every customer coming back happy, and with trust that they are in good hands. Before you experience it for yourself, we’d like to share more stories that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality customer service.

After Leah’s Vacuflush toilet broke, she was looking for a simple repair, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Through Environmental Marine’s website she spoke with Fernando who diagnosed the problem, and even took it upon himself to bring the order to the post office so she would receive what she needed faster. But it didn’t stop there! Fernando also took the time to walk Leah through how to carry out the repair. Here’s what she had to say:

“The level of service I received was simply astonishing to me in the best way possible ☺️Too many companies today rely on automated phone systems and ‘one size fits all’ service, and luckily your company is not at all that way.”

Another anonymous customer needed parts for their Vacuflush toilet, and said they found the parts numbers a bit confusing, which is where Chris stepped up to help! They wrote: “I have been somewhat confused by the part numbers needed for my 20-year-old Sealand Vacuflush system. Chris was extremely helpful and seemed to have the part numbers memorized. Very impressive and I was able to order my parts immediately!”

Get Solutions with EM

Our friendly and highly skilled team is always here for you and willing to help solve any problem that may arise with your marine equipment. Even if there is no problem and you’re simply looking to learn more, Environmental Marine has your back! We pride ourselves on our quick, efficient, and excellent service, and want to continue creating the best possible experience for each customer!

If you’re looking to speak with a member of our team or find a location, contact us now!