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A letter about Fernando

A letter about Fernando

8th Oct 2019

Helpful Information - Customer Testimonial

Good morning,

My name is Leah and I am writing to you to let you know what fantastic service I received from Fernando & the Environmental Marine Services!!!

It all started a few weeks ago when I had visitors on my 2003 360 SeaRay Sundancer - and they “broke” my Vacuflush.

After speaking to several people & looking at many boating blogs, I came across the Environmental Marine Company website and I found it extremely easy to use.

I started off with the “chat” feature and was eventually connected to Fernando, who immediately made me feel comfortable with the situation at hand!

I explained that there were no real repair people where I am and that I would be forced to fix the problem myself (much to my dismay).

Fernando listened to the issues, took time to look at some photos, and properly diagnosed the problem almost immediately.

He walked me through the process to find the clog, as well as the pros & cons of rebuilding the pump; he even brought my order to the post office to mail it Friday afternoon at 4pm so I would get it quicker.

When I had questions he made himself available to answer them, and he even used FaceTime to walk me through the proper steps for the pump rebuild!

The level of service I received was simply astonishing to me in the best way possible.

Anyway, I am not a great writer but I hope you can tell from this note how much I appreciate the help and assistance I received from Fernando.

As I said to him, it took me 20+ hours and I am black & blue all over from working in a tight space, but I never could have done the job without his help & optimism!!!

Too many companies today rely on automated phone systems and “one size fits all” service, and luckily your company is not at all that way.

If there’s any type of employee recognition program I hope you will consider this email as my nomination for Fernando … as far as I am concerned he should win employee of the year.

Thank you for having such a great team!

Warm regards,