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The OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose

The OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose

2nd Jan 2020

Make Smooth Moves With The OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose

No sophisticated marine sanitation system is complete without a high-quality sanitation hose. When functioning properly, a sanitation hose works to carry waste through a boat’s sanitation system and mitigates the risk of odors permeating into the general boating space. There are several marine sanitation hoses on the market, but  SeaLand/Dometic’s OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose outperforms competitor hoses by 500% when it comes to odor permeation resistance and durability.

Thanks to the OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose, you’ll no longer have to hold your nose to take advantage of your boat’s sanitation system. This advanced hose delivers 20% greater resistance to sulfurous odor permeation than  previous SeaLand sanitation hoses and has been upgraded to deliver premium performance and benefits to boat owners and marine sanitation system users. The OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hoses have an ultra-smooth interior for the seamless transport of waste through the system to prevent buildup and blockages.

Made with PVC blended with an odor-resistant additive and reinforced by a PVC helix, this durable hose is the standard hose on all pre-plumbed components for its enhanced odor-handling capabilities. The exquisite build quality of the OdorSafe Plus® Sanitation Hose has earned the reputation of best sanitation hose available on the market today. To align with Dometic/SeaLand’s commitment to high-quality sanitation system components, OdorSafe Plus® hoses will be a standard component on  SeaLand holding tank systems.

This premium boating marine sanitation product is available for purchase by the foot or in a 50-foot roll on the  Environmental Marine website. There is a 5-year limited warranty by the Manufacturer on this product that includes two years of coverage for labor and hose replacement, and three more years of hose replacement only. For more detailed specifications on this product, see below:

  • Application: Boating and marine sanitation systems
  • Materials: PVC with odor-resistant additive and PVC helix
  • Burst Strength: 270psi
  • Vacuum Rating: 28
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 7.5’
  • FDA Approval: Yes

If you’re interested in purchasing SeaLand’s premier sanitation hose but aren’t sure it can handle your boating needs,  contact Environmental Marine. We will walk you through the unique, high-performing features of this sanitation hose and help you make the right decision for your marine sanitation needs.