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​Stop Welding and Drilling with Weld Mount Adhesive Fasteners

​Stop Welding and Drilling with Weld Mount Adhesive Fasteners

23rd Mar 2023

Fortunately, there is an alternative to these methods. Weld Mount’s unique line of adhesive fasteners are designed to bond to nearly any substrate and are water resistant, making them easy to mount for a wide range of marine applications. Environmental Marine is proud to carry Weld Mount products, including studs and standoff mounts, adhesive supplies, and tie mounts and foot straps, to help you install a variety of equipment quickly and easily.

Problems with Drilling and Welding on Boats

First, if drilling for screws or bolts, care must be taken to insure that any holes drilled don’t result in unwanted holes in the backside of the involved surface like a bulkhead, hull side, deck or tank wall. If welding, there are many concerns including fire hazards, and in some cases concern for electronic equipment onboard. It often requires a Marine Chemist to certify the area is safe for welding, and the certification has limitations which if violated will require the Chemist to return to recertify.

How Do Weld Mount Adhesive Fasteners Work?

Weld Mount adhesive fasteners are an excellent alternative to avoid the risks associated with drilling and welding. They use a special adhesive to bond components to nearly any substrate. Weld Mount adhesive fasteners require no extra labor for sealing because they form an effective waterproof joint in most applications. The products also provide superior corrosion resistance since there is no metal-on-metal contact between surfaces.

Thanks to these features, installing Weld Mount adhesive fasteners to any surface requires just a few steps. First, prepare the surface by cleaning it with a suitable solvent like acetone or lacquer thinner so that dirt, oil, or wax doesn’t interfere with adhesion. Next, apply adhesive to the back of the fastener and press it into place. Allow the adhesive to cure prior to use. There are different core times for the various adhesives offered. If it is a painted surface, the attachment will only be as strong as the paint. If ultimate strength of the bond is critical it may be necessary to remove the paint or coating to allow the adhesive to bond to the material beneath the paint. Some paints are adhered well enough to bond directly to them especially if the fixture won’t be under much stress.

Potential Uses for Weld Mount Adhesive Fasteners 

Weld Mount’s range of adhesive studs and wire tie mounts make it easy to install equipment that needs to be screwed to an anchor point or to hold wiring in place. Some installation examples include:

  • Affixing a water purifier panel to a wooden bulkhead
  • Mounting a bilge pump below the water line and securing the wiring run
  • Mounting battery switches and fuse blocks to a cored bulkhead wall
  • Attaching a fuel filter panel to a fiberglass bulkhead wall
  • Affixing cushion clamps to a carbon fiber surface (which can’t be drilled) to hold electrical wires
  • Installing tie mounts into wet resin during boat construction or repair
  • Attach instrument panels or other console equipment without the need for unsightly exterior screws

To get started, all you need to do is find the right fastener type for the job and choose the appropriate adhesive for your application. For bigger jobs, Weld Mount also makes an easy-to-use dispensing gun that allows you to apply adhesive evenly and avoid contact with your skin.

Find the Right Weld Mount Fasteners with Environmental Marine

Weld Mount offers a reliable and effective solution for attaching items to boats, offering quick installation times and high-performance bonds. Their diverse line of adhesive fasteners provides a secure, lasting bond for your components that’s strong enough to withstand harsh marine environments. Not only do adhesive fasteners eliminate the need for welding or drilling, but with the right technique you can also achieve a neat, precise finish without compromising on quality or performance.

As an authorized Weld Mount distributor, Environmental Marine offers a wide range of Weld Mount products to help you save time, money, and energy on your latest project. Through our separate service company, we have field tested Weld Mount many times over and like it better than competing brands, mainly because of the superior adhesives. To learn more about the benefits of adhesive fasteners or place an order, give us a call and talk to one of our expert sales technicians.