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Protect your Marine Equipment with Bright Bay Descaler

Protect your Marine Equipment with Bright Bay Descaler

10th May 2022

When dealing with marine equipment, there is always the chance for malfunction. This especially rings true when it comes to scale, the number one reason water-cooled systems fail. So, what is scale and why is it so destructive? Scale is the product of calcium and magnesium compounds that form rock-like mineral deposits when in contact with water. In cooling systems, scale tends to stick to the hottest surfaces. This means as more scale forms, less heat can be transferred. If the scale is not cleared, this can cause some major long-term damage.

While visiting the Tampa area several years ago, a dealer for Environmental Marine gifted a bottle of Bright Bay descaler to experiment with. After soaking their brass and rubber parts in the solution and getting great results, the rest was history! The team at Environmental Marine now uses Bright Bay regularly to clean equipment, and customers buy it by the caseload.

Tough on Mineral Deposits, Gentle on Your Equipment

Boaters know best- maintenance is crucial to keep equipment running smoothly. Hammerhead Marine Descaler is ideal for an abundance of equipment. Some examples include heat exchangers, condensers, cooling systems, and all water circulation systems that are regularly exposed to open water. When using the descaler, it’s formulated to only stick to those calcium molecules found in scale. This means targeting pesky barnacles, mussels, lime scale, and all other types of mineral deposits, without breaking down the equipment itself. Instead, any marine equipment surfaces are rejuvenated, and left with a good-as-new appearance. When looking at the long-term, using the descaler to keep your boat free of mineral deposits will significantly increase the life of equipment, while simultaneously reducing the risk of needing to buy new parts or investing in expensive, in-depth maintenance.

What Sets Bright Bay Hammerhead Descaler apart?

1. Safety

When dealing with chemicals, there is usually risk involved, especially when they are exposed to skin, heat, and other chemicals. With Hammerhead Marine Descaler, you can put those worries aside. Bright Bay is non-flammable, non-toxic, and entirely safe for transporting from place to place. When in contact with skin, the mild formula makes it less harmful compared to other descaling solutions. This is because many other formulas may include hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid, which are known to be corrosive to the skin and eyes. Bright Bay is also classified as non-VOC, which means the formula does not contain volatile organic compounds; or gas chemical pollutants that can be harmful if inhaled.

2. Degreases

Hammerhead is the only descaler on the market that degreases! In addition to removing buildup of scale, it’s also capable of removing oils, soot, and miscellaneous dirt that other descalers may not. This gives equipment and surfaces a fresh, restored appearance. Since Bright Bay is multi-functional, it works to save you money, time, and storage space. You will only need to buy one product when looking to descale, degrease, and restore marine equipment.

3. Versatility

Whether you’re on a cruise ship, a workboat, a ferry, or a boat built for fun, Bright Bay is built to work! Different types of vessels are equipped with their own individual needs and systems, and the Hammerhead Marine Descaler formula was designed to work for them all. The formula works on almost all common equipment materials, including aluminum, copper-nickel, steel, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, chrome, rubber, wood, fiberglass, and glass. Most brands are not safe for all metals, meaning Bright Bay is the only descaler that will not damage aluminum parts!

4. Environmentally Friendly

From plastics to oil spills, and everything in between, keeping our waters clean and our wildlife safe has become more of a priority than ever before. Boaters have enough things to worry about when out at sea; harming the ocean with chemicals doesn’t have to be one of them. Hammerhead Marine Descaler is biodegradable and made with renewable resources. Thanks to its environmentally friendly elements, Bright Bay is one of few descalers recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as safe. This ensures that while in use, there is no risk of harm for the future of the ocean and marine life.

Environmental Marine is Here to Tackle All Your Descaling Needs

Environmental Marine is here to help you rid all your marine equipment of scale buildup and grease to keep it operating efficiently. No matter what kind of boat or equipment you have, Bright Bay descaler will work for it all, without the risk or hassle associated with traditional descalers.

To learn more about Bright Bay descaler and how it can work for your marine equipment needs, talk to one of our experts today.