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Get Travel-Safe Sanitation with Environmental Marine RV Toilets

Get Travel-Safe Sanitation with Environmental Marine RV Toilets

19th Sep 2022

Where will your adventures take you? Having a recreational vehicle (RV) is an amazing and convenient way to see the world, all while keeping the comfort of your own home. Unlike a regular car, RVs provide more space to work, sleep, live, and most importantly- keep yourself clean!

Experience stress-free sanitation on the go with Dometic RV toilets. These gravity toilets are specially made for recreational vehicles, with a compact design and simple installation. Comfort seating and powerful swirl-jet cleaning creates a sanitation solution that keeps things squeaky-clean, no matter where your adventures take you.

How Gravity Flush Toilets Work

To get the most out of your RV toilet, understanding how it works is a great first step! Gravity toilets can be found in most homes, but they look and work a little different when installed in a recreational vehicle. RV gravity toilets are low flow, meaning they use a lot less water to get rid of the waste.

After the flush is initiated, the valve in the toilet opens allowing the waste to fall into the tank. At the same time the water valve opens allowing fresh water in to rinse the bowl and leave the bottom of the bowl filled when finished, ready for the next use.

Which Toilet is Right for your RV?

If leaving the comfort of your camper in the middle of the night is a no-go, having and installing an RV toilet can be a major lifesaver. But to begin choosing the right toilet for you, you’ll first want to assess what you’re looking for. You should consider factors like cost, size, and maintenance level to figure out which is most important for your situation. For example, installing a more cost-friendly RV toilet means you can save more for your adventures on the open road, but it also means the toilet could need more frequent maintenance. There are also different flush options available for gravity traveler toilets, depending on if you’re looking for an electronically operated flush or a foot pedal flush. Either way, Environmental Marine carries many varieties and sizes of toilets designed for travel, so you are sure to find the right one to suit your vehicle and needs.

Traditional Toilets

If you’re looking to go traditional, there are a couple different options that can go inside RV. Traditional toilets all rely on water to function, but are usually installed over a holding tank inside a vehicle instead of the usual gently sloping sewage pipes you see in home bathrooms.

Gravity flush toilets, like the Dometic 500 Traveler series, are the most common and most popular variety of traditional toilet due to the low-cost and functionality. While the low-flow nature of these toilets helps to reduce water and can save a pretty penny, it may also take a second or third flush to make sure everything is flowing smoothly. With only gravity doing the trick to dispose of the waste, they are known to clog easier than other options. Since this variety is the most common, gravity flush toilets are easy to clean, easy to repair, and easy to find replacement parts for. If you’re in need of parts for your gravity flush toilet, Environmental Marine has a full supply.

If your RV needs a little more power, vacuum toilets might be the right match. They use that same mechanism with vacuum to create a high-powered flush. This type of toilet is more expensive than other types, but have proven to last over 30 years with normal maintenance. This may be a great option for larger families who share one bathroom in an RV, since they need very little maintenance. If waking up other travelers at night is a deal-breaker, pressure assisted toilets might be off the table. That’s because the higher-flush power makes more noise than other varieties do.


Aside from traditional toilets, portable toilets are great for limited space and do not require a complex installation. These are also the cheapest, smallest, and most compact option for RV toilets. They do function quite differently than traditional toilets, given that portable toilets do not use any plumbing or holding tanks. Instead, chemicals are used to mask any odor, and the waste is stored directly below the seat before being manually emptied out. Because of this, portable toilets do come with a risk of leaking and, like all toilets, are prone to freezing if temperatures get too cold inside the RV.

The Dometic Difference

When traveling and exploring new places, worrying about nature calling can put a damper on new experiences that should otherwise be enjoyable. No matter which toilet is chosen to suit your RV and sense of adventure, Dometic toilets are specifically designed to provide consistent and efficient, travel-safe sanitation.

1. Lightweight

Most Dometic toilets are light and compact, making for the perfect travel-companion. Without the usual heavy lifting necessary, it makes for even simpler installation and portability, without risk of major chips or cracks. Dometic gravity toilets are also compact enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, which helps to make mobile living even easier.

2. Comfort

With seats made of quality material like ceramic and enameled wood, Dometic traveler toilets provide total at-home comfort from anywhere. The ergonomic height of the traveler toilet base allows for simple accessibility for people of any age. To keep things extra clean, Dometic toilets also come with a fully enclosed rim to keep leaks and splashes at bay, and make sure the toilet is clean for the next flush.

3. Reliability

Along with being lightweight and easy to clean, Dometic traveler toilets are also built to last! Both traditional and portable toilets are made with quality materials designed for years of consistent us. The secure bowl design makes for a simple and sanitary experience, even when emptying waste on the go.

Get Everything you Need with Environmental Marine

Top of the line parts for prices you’ll love! For both on the road and on the sea needs, Environmental Marine has been providing trustworthy and travel-safe products for more than 25 years. If you’re still in need of advice on which products suit your travel standards, get in touch with our amazing customer service experts.

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