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Dometic/Sealand Marine Toilets - The Top 10 Don'ts

Dometic/Sealand Marine Toilets - The Top 10 Don'ts

31st Jan 2020

10 Things To Avoid With Your New Marine Toilet

Marine toilets and marine sanitation systems are durable. They need to be, between the things they see and the purpose they serve - but they’re not invincible. If you want to keep your marine toilet working optimally, you need to treat it right. The toilet on your boat will always be there for you, to catch what you can’t keep in, to maintain cleanliness, and to flush down your regrets. The least you can do is dedicate yourself to ten tenets of marine toilet maintenance and upkeep. 

Rule #1: If you can’t eat it, don’t flush it - even though what you eat will ultimately become what you flush. The only exception to this rule is marine toilet paper. Don’t eat it - flush it.

Rule #2: Don’t bring rolls from home. Household toilet paper will damage your marine sanitation system. Instead, stock up on marine toilet paper that’s as kind to your bum as it is to your vacuum pump.

Rule #3: Marine toilets have the ability to flush human waste, and marine toilet paper. That’s it. Don’t let yourself be tempted to flush wipes, feminine products, small toys, or anything that is not immediately biodegradable. If you push your toilet to its limits with irresponsible flushing, you will cause a blockage and your porcelain throne will crack.

Rule #4: Avoid using household cleaners or abrasive chemicals on your marine toilet. These solutions can erode the rubber components of your toilet system. If you ever need to perform a deep clean, descalers are available from different manufacturers

Rule #5: In the colder months, never leave water in the toilet. The water may freeze and crack the porcelain of your marine toilet bowl. With the freezing and expanding that can occur in colder weather, your toilet system may be compromised. Don’t risk having to use a bowl full of ice the next time you need to use your marine toilet.

Rule #6: Your toilet was made for sitting, not standing. Do not use it as a ladder unless you want to run the risk of it leaking all over your brand new boat.

Rule #7: Don’t go more than 2 years without giving your marine or RV toilet a little TLC. Marine toilets very rarely get the clean end of the deal, so it’s important to perform routine maintenance on the unit and its sanitationsystem to prevent back up and extend the life of its components.

Rule #8: No overflow. Do not fill your macerating or gravity toilet to the brim with water, waste, anything! If your boat rocks or tips when full, you’ll have quite a mess on your hands.

Rule #9: If you own a Dometic foot pedal-operated toilet, be mindful not to over-tighten the ½ clamps. This can result in cracking and damage to the clamps and other parts of the marine toilet.

Rule #10: Don’t ride the pedal back up after flushing, let it snap back into position. If the pedal catches the seal while you’re riding it up, you could damage the seal and your toilet.

Abide by these general rules if you wish to keep both your bowls and bowels happy on your next boating expedition. Properly caring for your marine toilet may take a little extra time, but you’ll be able to make the most of your marine sanitation system for years to come. For more information on caring for your Dometic/Sealand toilet and other key components of a marine sanitation set-up, Environmental Marine offers advice, installation tips,high-quality products, and more