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5 Reasons FCI DTS+Mobile Washdown Unit is Better Than Others

5 Reasons FCI DTS+Mobile Washdown Unit is Better Than Others

12th Jan 2022

As any boat owner can attest, using dock water to wash down surfaces and refill freshwater tanks tends to create more problems than it solves. Although EPA regulations require public water systems to screen out the most dangerous contaminants, many other impurities might remain, especially in dockside taps. These total dissolved solids (TDS) can consist of minerals, salts, dissolved metals, and various bits of organic matter.

If you’ve ever noticed that your boat’s stored freshwater doesn’t taste quite right or that hosing off the deck and sides of the boat leaves behind unsightly spots when the water dries, you’ll have first-hand experience with the consequences of too much TDS in the water supply. Without some method of purifying the water coming from the dockside tap, cleaning your boat becomes a tedious, time-consuming task. Not only will you spend more time chamoising every surface so it doesn’t air dry, but the hard water can also cause build-up, pitting, and water spot etching that damages paint, the motor casing, and metal work.

Purify Your Dock Water with a Mobile Washdown Unit

The best way to remove TDS and other impurities from dock water is by utilizing a water purification system of some kind. These units can be installed on the dock itself or as part of a shipboardwatermaker system that converts seawater to freshwater. Unfortunately, they also take up a lot of space, need electrical power to operate, and must be maintained over time, making them unsuitable for many boatowners.

For most smaller vessels, a mobile washdown unit is often the most versatile and economic solution available. They ensure that you will have access to high quality freshwater no matter what dock you pull alongside. Compact and portable, these units can be connected to just about any dockside or municipal water source.

5 Reasons FCI DTS+Mobile Is Better Than Other Mobile Washdown Units on the Market

With more than 30 years of experience developing water purification technology, FCI Watermakers is an industry leader when it comes to innovation, reliability, and customer support. One of its most popular product families is the Dockside Treatment System (DTS) line, which removes 99% of TDS and 100% of viruses, cysts, and bacteria from freshwater supplies.

The FCI DTS+Mobile is the company’s most compact portable water purifying system.It recovers as much as 90% of feed water, which helps to conserve valuable freshwater. Measuring just over 50 inches wide and equipped with large, heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility, the DTS+Mobile can easily navigate even the smallest docks to provide safe, purified freshwater for drinking and cleaning purposes. Compared to other products on the market, it offers several unique features that set it apart.

1. On/Off switch for safety

Believe it or not, other portable water purification systems don’t feature a safety switch of any kind, creating a substantial risk of electrocution. The device’s electrical plug is also 100% sealed to provide additional safety.

2. Auto discharge valve

The DTS+Mobile is equipped with an Auto-flow/Shut-off feature that subjects the unit’s pre-filter and membranes to less wear and tear while also reducing water usage. Over the lifetime of the unit, this results in less maintenance and repair costs.

3. Illuminating filter change indicator

One of the challenges with any purification system is knowing when to change the filters. Rather than keeping track of how many gallons the filter has purified, you can instead just look at the filter’s change indicator light to see exactly when it needs to be changed (usually every 100 hours of operation).

4. Can be vertically mounted

Unlike competing units that must be placed horizontally and take up a lot of space on the dock or boat deck, the DTS+Mobile’s wheels and sturdy push handle allow it to be propped up vertically. It can even lean against a piling for increased stability and further reduce its footprint when space is at a premium.

5. Weighs up to 20% less than other units

Despite being classified as “mobile,” many portable water purifiers are quite heavy and difficult to manage. This becomes a problem when it’s time to take the unit out of your boat and wheel it into position on an unfamiliar dock. As the lightest mobile unit on the market, the DTS+Mobile is easy to deploy and store almost anywhere, making it the ideal solution for adventurous mariners.

Learn More About the DTS+Mobile from FCI Watermakers

Available with a protective cover, the DTS+Mobile is one of the most innovative units in the Dockside Treatment System series from FCI Watermakers. To learn more about this compact portable unit, contact the experts at Environmental Marine today.