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For over 30 years FCI has been leading the charge in reverse osmosis desalination systems for pleasure, commercial, and land-based applications. With system capabilities of 200 GPD to 264,000 GPD we have a system to fit your needs.

DTS + Series AQUAMISER+ Series MAXQ+ Series
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  • Provides spot-free water from your municipal or dockside source
  • Utilizes your existing pump and control system
  • Up to 70% recovery rate for increased production and less waste
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  • Exclusive AQ3 full featured control system
  • Lower power drive to enable inverter use
  • Small footprint for installation in small spaces
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  • The industry's only Marine Certified HMI/PLC Touch Screen V4 Control System
  • Exclusive NEMA 4X rated enclosures and valves for safety and protection in harsh environments
  • 8-point Vibration Isolation for exceptionally quiet operation
Click here for Aquamiser and MaxQ+ Comparison



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